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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kasey's pathology results

Sometimes things just don't go the way we would like them to go, and Kasey's path results did just that...his surgeon called today to tell Kasey that one of his lymph nodes (out of the 40 or so that were removed) was cancerous. We had really been hoping for clean results, which would mean no chemo for Kasey but now it is very likely. Dr. Lowe recommended another oncologist for Kasey and said that we should expect to hear from this doctor's office within the next week to go in for another appointment, this time to discuss chemo options. Even though just one node tested positively for cancer, Dr. Lowe said that there is a 50% chance of recurrence if we don't go through chemo. Kasey asked Dr. Lowe what he would do if it was him in this situation, and he said that he would go through the chemo before anything could spread.

This last week we have been focusing on Kasey's recovery, and counting our blessings with the new pregnancy, Kasey doing so well post-op, getting ready for Brother Blake's wedding this saturday...we have felt really good this week and I know that Kase is just dying to get back to work and be productive and feel normal again. Yesterday we drove out to where the farm is planting new blueberries. We all (Emmett included) piled into the CRV and rode out to take in the beauty of rows and rows of baby blueberry plants, and I could just see it in Kasey that he wanted so badly to be out there planting them with the rest of the crew. Also the upcoming summer harvest is always such a crucial productive time, and I pray that he will be able to take part since so much of his heart wants to and harvest is one time that everyone knows takes everybody's effort. There really is a reason it is a family farm :). Farming is such an amazing and blessed lifestyle, and harvest is one of the best times when you get to reap your hard earned work over the past year, and what an accomplishment and satisfaction there is that comes when the harvest is in. I pray Kasey will get to take part in it this year, I know it would mean a lot to him.

It is always so hard when we don't know exactly what to expect next. Kasey told me today that,

"I can handle surgery, it is an easy thing for me. But I am scared of chemo because I know its definitely not going to be easy. "

It really broke my heart to hear his fears, and I am praying that the Lord will just carry Kasey through chemo just as he has through all of the surgeries that he has gone through already in the last month, and keep his body strong and his mind looking to Him throughout it all.

I will be sure to put any new news up again within the next week as it comes, and we will be praying and keeping hope that our way will be surrounded with our God who is all that we can really depend on in this world.

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  1. We are rejoicing with you for your pregnancy! And you are in our prayers as you continue on this journey. We love you guys!